The PMO Indonesian Award is the nation’s largest professional annual award for Project Management Office (PMOs). The PMO Indonesian Awards is an annual competition managed by PMOPI (Project Management Office Professional Indonesia) to identify and recognize PMOs in Indonesia that are delivering value and the most positive impact on business results from their existence to the organization through its support of successful strategic initiatives. The winner automatically represents Indonesia to compete on the PMO Global Award 2024  The winner automatically represents Indonesia to compete on the PMO Global Award 2024.


Confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to all PMO Indonesian Awards rules and procedures prior submitting your application to participate in the PMO Indonesian Awards

The first part of the application process consists of a simple form, which will collect some basic information necessary for the Organizing Committee to verify your eligibility. Within five working days after submitting the form, you will receive a message from the Organizing Committee notifying you if it is accepted.

After receiving confirmation of acceptance, you will be able to perform the second part of the application process, submitting your Nomination Package (video presentation) at any time by September 30th. Please check the Nomination Package Guidelines and find detailed information on how to create it.

After submitting the Nomination Package with the video presentation, in up to five days, the Organizing Committee will verify the file and confirm its acceptance, or request adjustments and new submission. Therefore, we suggest that the Nomination Package’s sending be done in advance of the September 30th deadline. This way, there will be enough time for the Organizing Committee to request adjustments.


The PMOs will face each other in a contest model inspired by the Football World Cup, where each organization will be drawn to determine where the group they will join.

The contest is organized in two stages: Group Stage and Knockout Stage.

During the Group Stage, organizations in each group will face each other (pairwise comparison for each category criterion)

A group of judges will be assigned to each match and they will appoint which competitor is the winner of the match. The final match score will define the winner of the match.



 20 judges have been assigned to this match.

Based on the established criteria, 10 judges appointed PT X Nominee as the best PMO and 10 judges appointed PT Z Nominee as the best PMO.

The final score is PT X 10 VS 10 PT Z and there is a tie.

At this stage, competitors earn three points for each win and one point for each draw. The two countries in each group that get the most points will qualify for the Knockout Stage.

If there is a tie in one of the groups, the definition of the winner will be given by the results of confrontation between them. If the tie remains, a new judge will be assigned to evaluate them comparatively until a winner can be defined.

In each round of the Knockout Stage, the participant will face each other and the winners will follow to the next rounds.

The 2023 Indonesian PMO of the Year Award Winner will be announced at the ceremony that will be held in December 2023



This criterion evaluates the PMO’s journey, analyzing its strategy, consistency, adaptability, leadership, and the path that made the PMO become what it is today.

Weight: 20%


This criterion evaluates the set of services/functions the PMO provides to its clients and stakeholders, how appropriate they are for the presented scenario, and how that mix of services can address the organization’s results expectations.

Weight: 15%


This criterion evaluates how the PMO is delivering its services/functions, the methods and techniques that are provided, their alignment with best practices, and how the PMO continually improves its services.

Weight: 15%


This criterion evaluates how the PMO used innovation to deal with challenges encountered throughout its journey, and what innovations were delivered to the organization, generating effective results.

Weight: 15%


This criterion evaluates how the PMO actively works to create an engaged project management community within the organization, evolving the organizational culture, and encouraging people to share experiences and lessons learned.

Weight: 10%


This criterion evaluates the benefits and results delivered by the PMO to its customers, stakeholders, and the organization. It also evaluates how the organizational culture and maturity evolved. Finally, it evaluates how the PMO encourages the engagement of the organization’s senior management and improves the sponsorship level.

Weight: 25%


All applications and documents must be completed in the English language (Business English) since they will be evaluated by an international Judging Committee who may not be familiar with acronyms and terms from your organization or industry.

The organization’s Lead Nominator must obtain all permissions of use from his/her organization before submitting the Nomination Package.

Submitting the Nomination Package, the organization grants PMOPI the non-exclusive right to use any submitted materials for any business-related purpose, including making the materials available for the community in our websites, press releases, and other marketing and promotional materials, including but not limited to video presentations.

2023 Indonesian PMO of the Year Award Finalist, the organization agrees that:

  • The finalist organizations will, at their own expense, produce a 2min 30sec video that will be part of the virtual Awards
  • Ceremony video. The video requirements will be informed simultaneously with the regional winners’ announcement and must be strictly followed.
  • The PMO Indonesian Awards glass trophies are offered at no cost by the PMOPI. However, the finalist organizations must provide the shipping service. Finalists must provide their own shipping cost
  • The e-certificate will be sent through email from the official account PMOPI, located in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • The schedule of the online conference and the involvement of these professionals as our special guests will be released soon.
  • PMOPI will not reimburse any expense for assembling the Nomination Package, for any materials that may need to be created, or for any expense related to the Awards Ceremony, the conference that will host it, or trophies shipping services

PMOPI reserves the right within its sole discretion, and at any time up to the time of the presentation of the award, to determine that a participant is or has become ineligible for the award.

PMOPI reserves the right to accept or reject applications and Nomination Packages; make or cancel an award, or change deadlines as circumstances dictate, always aiming to promote the PMO Indonesian Awards quality and benefit the global PMO community.

PMOPI reserves the right to rescind an award if it is discovered that any information submitted is false or misleading.

Participants, finalists, and winners will be publicized through PMOPI (and its partners) communication channels and external media. Participants may also coordinate additional publicity with PMOPI


The video presentation composes the Nomination Package and it will be used by the Judges to understand, clarify and enhance the necessary points for the evaluation.

IMPORTANT: Video presentations of less than 25 minutes or longer than 45 minutes (with a tolerance of +/- 5 minutes) will not be accepted.

It is not mandatory for the presenter to be the Lead Nominator, being allowed the narration of a third person

There is no specific template for the presentation but please use a sans-serif font, with a minimum size of 14-pt.

The video presentation content must be exclusively in the English language.

Please take special care with capturing audio.

The video presentation can be a PowerPoint-style presentation with the presenter’s voice recorded or any other format.

The video presentation recording process is the responsibility of the applicant. The PMO Indonesia Award team will not provide any technical support in recording the video presentation.

It is important to highlight that the video presentations of all nominees will be made available to our community on different channels since this is one of the main ways to share experience and knowledge, the true spirit of this initiative.

We remind you that you will also have access to the video presentations of other competitors at the end of the competition, thus allowing you to learn about the good practices from other nominees.

Please present in the video only information that can be fully disclosed, duly authorized by individuals or organizations whenever necessary.

By submitting the Nomination Package you confirm that you have obtained any necessary authorization from individuals or organizations to comply with the PMO Indonesia Award rules and procedures.

The following six topics must be covered in the video presentation as follows:

0 – COVER: Please include the Organisation’s name, City, Country, and Lead Nominator’s name